American Craft Council

August 14, 2008

Lookie here:!

I’m checking this out this weekend. All sorts of amazing jewelry artists…I’m on pins and needles. There are several demonstrations as well which I hope to attend.  I’ll report back with my faves.


Circle and Square

August 13, 2008

Back to blogging! Today’s the day!

The first thing on my list to blog about is the store that is carrying my stuff: Circle and Square in San Francisco. It’s a super cute boutique in Presidio Heights, right by the Sacramento Street shopping district. Basically they carry a variety of accessories: leather bags, fruffy headbands, belts, hats, and lots of jewelry. My fave. Best of all, it’s all handmade. Handmade hats made by forming felt over old hat forms, jewelry crafted by local artisans, the variety is always changing.

Here’s the article by Daily Candy: the Shape of Things. And their website for more info:

And here are some pics of the shop:

Yay! Go and take a look at all their fun stuff. I go in and try everything on; there’s always a story for each item. Enjoy!


April 18, 2008

I’ve been working on chains recently…actually I’ve been obsessed. Here are some chains in progress:

This one is pretty cool. I’m going to add some coiled 24 ga, 18ky yellow gold around the links and the square puzzle parts. Here’s a view of the clasp:

The clasp works like a key ring. I think it will stay on well but clasping it may take practice.

Here are some more chains I’m working on:

Whilst Working

April 18, 2008

Here’s what we do when we’re working:

That’s right…sexy. It’s late night dancing reverie. And here’s my honey:

Dollar dollar bill y’all!

Ok, a glimpse into my crazy life.

Contemporary Craft Fair

April 8, 2008

Recently, I went to the Contemporary Craft Fair at Fort Mason ( Here’s the view from the parking lot:

Gawd, that’s so ugly, huh? Hello Marin! Anywho, the next view I saw as I walked into the fair was:

Wow! It was daylight savings that weekend and a reporter accosted me and asked my opinion on the new, earlier daylight savings time. So, of course I said I loved it…who doesn’t love more sun?

Here’s the view of the start of the fair:

It’s a nice space with plenty of room and good light. My one complaint would be that it’s a bit off the beaten track for SF’ers. You have to trek to Fort Mason and then it’s waaaaay at the end behind the main buidings.

The highlights of the fair for me were:

This is all done with embroidery…I love it! Reminds me of:

I luuuurrvve me some Michael Raedecker, shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2000. A bit of a darker take on embroidered landscapes than Yans Designs.

Two More Books

April 8, 2008

I do love books, as I mentioned in my last post. Here are the two bibles I refer to frequently:

They are a fount of knowledge. So much information on processes, how to make your own findings, chain making, enameling, everything! I could sit for hours and read these books; they make me realize how much more there is to learn.

Also, I’m addicted to magazines:

Currently I receive:

Us Weekly, WWD, Vogue, W, Ready-Made, the New Yorker, the Economist, Art Jewelry, and Metalsmith. Phew, and I still manage to read books. Ha!

Look at me, I’m blogging!

April 3, 2008

Ok, first real post. I’m making jewelry, blogging, making a website…the whole shebang.

For this first post, I would like to show you a bit of my studio.

Here are some pics of my work space:


And here is my polishing area:

Polishing Area

Lovely, yes? Here is a more up close view:

Polishing Area Up Close

It gets a bit crazy when I’m polishing for hours on end. As you can see I’m partial to those fancy, new micron wheels.

And to get away from it all (or more likely a different venue for coiling and weaving my jewelry), here is my living room:

Living Room

I generally sit by the fire:


And stare at all my books:


In particular I am partial to all my jewelry books (aren’t they fun?):

Jewelry Books

Thanks for reading! More to come!