Contemporary Craft Fair

Recently, I went to the Contemporary Craft Fair at Fort Mason ( Here’s the view from the parking lot:

Gawd, that’s so ugly, huh? Hello Marin! Anywho, the next view I saw as I walked into the fair was:

Wow! It was daylight savings that weekend and a reporter accosted me and asked my opinion on the new, earlier daylight savings time. So, of course I said I loved it…who doesn’t love more sun?

Here’s the view of the start of the fair:

It’s a nice space with plenty of room and good light. My one complaint would be that it’s a bit off the beaten track for SF’ers. You have to trek to Fort Mason and then it’s waaaaay at the end behind the main buidings.

The highlights of the fair for me were:

This is all done with embroidery…I love it! Reminds me of:

I luuuurrvve me some Michael Raedecker, shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2000. A bit of a darker take on embroidered landscapes than Yans Designs.


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